Giving the Mouse a new life

I bought my 5 button Mercury mouse almost 5~6 years ago. I still use it. The great thing about it is that it has two more programmable buttons than the normal 3-button scroll mouse. Speaking of scroll, that was the thing I had the problem with.!

My scrolling wheel got haywire about a year back. I'm now so used to scroll bars I don't need that scroll wheel much. I used to switch weapons in games with buttons.!!!
 But I got the chance to repair the broken wheel when I found an old mouse. Actually, it was one of my friends at office, Keshaka, who threw that old broken USB mouse coz it didn't move an inch. After the cleaning lady came and checked Keshaka's dustbin (when he was not there) I told the lady not to throw it away. I thought it had fallen off the desk to the dustbin. When I found out later that the mouse was broken, I got the idea of the wheel and I took it home (Thanks Keshaka!)

So I removed the covers and used my old soldering iron to remove the small shaft-encoder that was in the USB mouse. But I was not satisfied with the work. It damaged the PCB too much, and the last thing I wanted was a damaged PCB in my working mouse. So I asked my pal Sanka to bring the Sucker today to remove the encoder of the Mercury.

The removed encoder from the Mercury

I got to know that the encoders were different in height and I had to use a lot of time cutting the Aluminium parts to suit the Mercury's dimensions...

After a little effort and some soldering, the thing came togethter.... and I did some test runs.!

and guess what! It worked like a charm.!! I was right to guess the error in the shaft encoder. Yippee... I got a 100% working 5 button mouse now... I just HAVE to play Unreal 3 with this.! I couldn't play ANY game's weapon change or sniper zoom without the I can do it.

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Phone Call with no CLI?

I got the Screen capture tool from Gayan's  link and guess what I caught on it!!! I was upstairs for some work and there was a missed call from a withheld number. Those calls are banned in Sri Lanka and I wonder who made that call. This may as well be a glitch in the switch! But I'd like to answer it if it comes the next time :D

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Pirate Bay Founders ordered to be Jailed!

Sad days indeed for sharing fans. The court in Sweden has given the verdict that the Pirate Bay founders are guilty for copyright infringement. But its rather questionable that how many want it to happen. Sure its true that the Warner Brothers and others has lost quite a bit of revenue from it.

As the founders say, they won't pay and they won't give they told on;

So, the dice courts judgement is here. It was lol to read and hear, crazy verdict.

But as in all good movies, the heroes lose in the beginning but have an epic victory in the end anyhow. That's the only thing hollywood ever taught us.

Hope that they get out of this for good. Even I need that site to watch movies :D

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On Screen Ruler

I needed to measure a Photo that I printed for some documentation of the car. I couldn't find any of my rulers anywhere in the room. I do know what I need is an organised room, but instead, I turned to this little guy. An on-screen ruler. Its a small app that is stand-alone and friendly. Add this to your standalone apps list.

Just download and unzip the Jruler.exe and place it anywhere. You'd need it some better keep it handy  

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Phone stuff

Since Anusha is having a bad time with the phone and the battery and running all round the country looking for spare parts, I decided to take a look in to my phone too.

I have a w810i, which I bought about 3 years back.

Well, its scratched too. Like Anusha's I also used it without a cover. Actually I used to have a cover for a few months and decided that I don't need an extra 20 or 30g in the pocket. The worst damage to it came when I fell with it about a month back on the pavement in front of my father's office. Yeah! stupid me.

Considering the stuff I do with the phone, even I am surprised. I use my phone for a loads of things including...

  • Calling
  • SMS
  • E-Mail (Instant retrieval with Gmail's IMAP. Which means I get the Blackberry's flagship feature for free)
  • Chatting with MSN, Yahoo, Skype and Gtalk contacts with Nimbuzz.
  • My Digital Camera. (Think phone cams suck? Check out the photos I took on the Ella trip)
  • Emergency Torch ;) (Put the phone to cam mode in no time and press the *. Its a torch! The menu is too far away, that is the best method for me)
  • Contact manager for Google's Contacts (Discovered recently with Google Sync)
  • Walkman (saved me from quite a few Bus-Songs)
  • Calendar
  • Notebook
  • Compass
  • Scientific Calculator
  • Dictionary
The list goes on.. These are not just the available features. That list is too big. This is the list that I use.

I just love my phone and I love Sony Ericsson. Like Anusha, I won't be switching phones for a long time. And when I do, I'll head straight to a SE. And unlike Nokia, this battery goes on for 2 days whatever I do on it. The most annoying thing happens when I use it for less things it tends to go for about 2.75 days :( thats when the battery dies on the way home :D

All in all. I love my Phone.!
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Google Sync for Sony Ericsson

Google has rolled out sync for mobile devices. I have always wondered what the sync profile meant.. this is it. They are offering just contact sync right now. But I think they need to put up calendar sync very soon. If that is the case, I can use that to sync the phone with my PC and Google. Keeping the PC and Google in sync in the process. :D

This is how you set the sync settings for a SE. (I have w810i, they say it works for most SE's)

# Click the 'Menu' key and open the 'Organizer'.
# Select 'Synchronization'.
# Select 'New Account' and enter 'Google Sync' or any name of your choice.
# Enter the following values:

* Server address:
* Username: your Google Account username, e.g. (or like I used)
* Password: your Google password
* Connection: select the Internet access point for your carrier
* Applications: mark 'Contacts' only and click 'OK'
* App. settings: open 'Contacts' and for 'Database name' enter 'contacts' (lower case), leave other fields blank
* Sync. interval: choose how frequently you would like to synchronize with Google
* Leave other settings unchanged

# Click 'Save' to exit this screen and save your Sync profile.
# Highlight your new Sync profile and press 'Start'.

Happy hunting...

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All it takes is one idiot.

This is the result when people with less talent gets the drivers licence. As you might know, my car was hit by a bus. When I asked for the compensation, the owner told me to go to courts and ask for it. Hell i will. I'll make sure that he learns a lesson. The paint guys asked for 28k for the repair. Lucky i get the insurance claim for this.

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New Look for the blog

I decided to have a new look for the blog.. Geez its hard work. All those stuff I have accumulated for the time I was blogging had to be backed up and the scripts!!! the scripts I had on it had to be re-written. Manually!! The search option for the blogroll gave me a headache.! I had to edit the Theme XML to put a Clear button on the search bar to make the hits go away once they populate the whole screen.

Man this is hard work! anyway, this is the new look. Comments anyone?

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Metabolism mode

This is the Sinhala New Year Season and all we do these days is eat!! and eat!!! and eat a little more so that we forget what we ate the last times!!!!

So I think I'll have to go into metabolism mode to keep my thin body intact.!! Each time I get a little fat, I get sick! Its become a habit. So I think I'll do some cleaning and washing to get the energy burnt up! :D Happy Happy! :D

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The Zone

No I'm not talking about the Zone in S.T.A.L.K.E.R, which I gave up playing because its a stupid game with very little user to game information exchange, I'm talking about the No Fire Zone here in Sri Lanka.

People should get one thing straight! The Zone exists because the LTTE Terrorists refuse to let the civilians out of a battle Zone, Clearly Violating the Geneva Convention (which might be now out-dated coz no one cares about it!!). Media sources like the BBC state there are people dying in the NFZ because of the Sri Lanka Army, which is outrageous!! Its a known fact that the BBC and most of the International press has been Pro-LTTE (The BBC is almost LTTE!) from the begining of this humanitarian missions, but to put Idiotic statements like "Civilians die in Sri Lanka Zone" is totally unacceptable!

Countries like Norway and UK are waiting till we declare peace talks, to get to the LTTE and strengthen them again. They have been feeding terrorism for a long time, not to mention the help Terrorists gained from NGOs like CARE.

One thing is for certain, neither our Army, nor us, are going to give up this fight. You international assholes can put your pants down in front of Terrorism, but we Sri Lankans are NOT going to do that.!!!

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Stupid bus drivers

One of them hit my car on the side on Last Sunday and I had to do loads of stuff to make sure I get the thing fixed. I still haven't put the car to the garage but all the documentation stuff is done to make sure I get all the money from the insurance to pay for the damage. Its from MY insurance and the @sshole owner of the bus didn't agree to pay me a cent. He told me to go to the courts and get it.
He might be under the assumption that I won't go to the courts because its inconvenient. Well he's going to be damn surprised! I don't get any benefit from going to the courts, but the bus owner and the driver has lots to loose, including suspension of the driver's licence for some time..!! I am SO going to do this!! Stupid bus drivers must be dealt with!!

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