Car Photos...

Here it is.., I washed it before taking any pics..

I could do 86km/h on the strip where Anusha did 140km/h. So its better than I thought. Nushi's car is about 1400cc and this is just 800cc. :D

I'll post the acceleration tests whenever I do them. I'll have to get hold of one of the guys to test it. I can't do it alone and I don't trust my girlfriend's timing when it comes to split second calculations ;)

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  1. Chamitha Says:

    wow.. this looks neat... but why are u gonna post all tht performance data?? isn't it better to give a lovely photo review??? this photo doesn't even show the whole car ne...

  2. seneth devinda Says:

    Congradz man, it looks cool.
    About the speed test.... I think you can remember how we done the timing tests at the campus. Dear old Nushi and his car. Anyway, car is great and we are looking for a ride dude....

  3. Anusha Says:

    Dammit it! I didn't know until Chamitha told me about it! Sucker!!

    How much was it? :D

    U better not try anything ridiculous now. I'm sure that thing will lift at 100kmph :D

    It's not my car! It's the frakking family car, though I get to drive it more often than dad nowadays :D