Asterisk on Ubuntu

I installed Ubuntu to try out some VoIP stuff. As a start I installed my old friend Asterisk. Its been quite a while before I used the Soft PBX. Actually, its been about 3 years. I didn't remember a thing. But some came to me like instinct. Like the command that is used to enter the Asterisk CLI once the PBX service is stared (asterisk -r) came to me from nowhere. I just typed it in..and then wondered there for a few seconds what I did and why I typed it!!

Took almost 15 minutes reading the extensions.conf and I gave up. Backed it up and then omitted the stuff from the file and created a simple file with only two extensions. Downloaded X-Lite and had my father use the other end from upstairs.

After a few mishaps and errors calls got through..yet, I have to get the mic working in Ubuntu and my Father doesn't have one! :/ So I had to stop there. Until I get the hardware, I'll have to find some other way...

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