Speed Record

Forgot to mention in that last post. My personal speed record in my car just went to 90 km/h. I won't be able to catch Nushy, but who knows? one day I'd be able to get to 100.

I have done more than 100 in other vehicles. But doing it in my car is another story...

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My Car getting a bath and a fix-up

I had to get the car to the service station for a good bath. Another reason that I went to that place is that it also has a garage. The place belongs to a friend of my Dad's and I needed to fix the gear lever's problem that made it rocking in every position I keep it.

Last weekend when me and Nadeera went for a ride to see an exhibition, I was hardly able to change the gear too. The clutch won't disengage the gearbox from the engine. It just refused to let me put the gear to the 2nd. I had to use both my hands and push the gear into position a few times (I'm darn glad dad had that old 504 to train me with driving...this feels like a toy) I also had to attend a homecoming that night so I HAD to fix it.

So I asked Nadeera to assist me after we came home (with a reasonable pain in my left shoulder pulling that gear)
I put my head inside the engine area while she pushed the clutch and I realized that the cable adjustment could fix it. I had to try about 5 times to get it right. So the Clutch now disengaged the gearbox from the engine. But, the rocking gear lever problem was still there.

I was able to see the damage done by the lady who owned the car when we lifted it up at the service station. The Bushes and joints that kept the gear in place were all worn out. All that was left was some rubber pieces.

So I bought the equipment from a shop and the guy there installed it. Now the gear is still. Peace to the mind and the shoulders.!!

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Asterisk on Ubuntu

I installed Ubuntu to try out some VoIP stuff. As a start I installed my old friend Asterisk. Its been quite a while before I used the Soft PBX. Actually, its been about 3 years. I didn't remember a thing. But some came to me like instinct. Like the command that is used to enter the Asterisk CLI once the PBX service is stared (asterisk -r) came to me from nowhere. I just typed it in..and then wondered there for a few seconds what I did and why I typed it!!

Took almost 15 minutes reading the extensions.conf and I gave up. Backed it up and then omitted the stuff from the file and created a simple file with only two extensions. Downloaded X-Lite and had my father use the other end from upstairs.

After a few mishaps and errors calls got through..yet, I have to get the mic working in Ubuntu and my Father doesn't have one! :/ So I had to stop there. Until I get the hardware, I'll have to find some other way...

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From Win7 to Ubuntu

I installed the x64 version of Win7 a few days back and the performance I got from it was not as good compared to the x86 version. So I decided I need to go to a newer version. I heard that Anusha got a newer one but it'll be ages before I can get the DVD from him. So I decided to go back to testing other stuff.
What I needed this time was to setup Asterisk on Ubuntu and do some cool VoIP stuff with the PC.

But the Asterisk installation had some cases. I didn't have much time to read about it too. I will try to get a Red hat installation if this does not work. Windows will have to wait. :D

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7 on x64

Installed the Win7 x64 7000 build recently. But the performance is going haywire. Its not as smooth as the x86 of the same 7000 build. I can't realize what the exact problem is, but the issue is there.
I'll have to grab that new build Anusha is downloading..I feel too lazy to get another download from the office link..
Its too slow with all those facebookworms!

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13th Friday...

I don't believe in superstitions but this time the 13th Friday thing came true. I'm Still at the Kotikawatte office waiting for the guys at Dharmapala Mawatha try and check the network again for total failure. Thats right. The entire Voice Subsystem went haywire today. :S

I power restarted many of the Hardcore servers today to accommodate debugging. I'll post the results later... Till then, I won't die if I keep my fingers crossed.

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Car Photos...

Here it is.., I washed it before taking any pics..

I could do 86km/h on the strip where Anusha did 140km/h. So its better than I thought. Nushi's car is about 1400cc and this is just 800cc. :D

I'll post the acceleration tests whenever I do them. I'll have to get hold of one of the guys to test it. I can't do it alone and I don't trust my girlfriend's timing when it comes to split second calculations ;)

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My First Ride

Got my first ride yesterday. I was too busy yesterday and today, so I wasn't able to get any decent photos. Wait for the pics. I'll post them in a future post.

Its a Maruti 800. Yeah, I know its no big deal of a car, but it my first. So I like it. Its light blue and has a good engine too. I wasn't able to test it for fuel efficiency and better still, I'm still looking for an abandoned road to test the acceleration. I think it'll take about forever seconds to get to 100. :D

Happy Happy!

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DVD Flick for free DVD Authoring

Ever had a bad time with Nero Telling you you only have this much conversions left or Your evaluation license expired when trying to author DVD videos? Well, give the boot to Nero and try this...DVD Flick is a freeware and it does free what Nero Vision does for money and its way better.

From What I experienced, it can convert more codecs and its easier to manage too. Flick doesn't eat up as much RAM as Nero does too. I tested this and its real and free. Check it out...and if you can, help their freeware project.


Open Source is good when it comes to software like this. I just wish Linux had a better UI !!!

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