Deyata Kirula (දැයට කිරුළ) Exhibition

I went there with my mother, Nadeera, her mother and Anil Aiya.
We had to stay hours in the queues that were unorganized and packed. But at last we were able to get in to just two stalls of the Army and the Air Force.

Here are the pics that I took.

This is the replica of the Mawil-Aru Dam, where the humanitarian missions started.

There were some of the weapons and vehicles that the army and the Air-Force use in combat.
This is a display of some weapons including the common weapon used by the army, the T-56 Automatic Rifle.

This is a 130mm cannon.

This is the Multi Barreled Rocket Launcher (MBRL), one of the major armaments of the army

 A close up: Observe the 40 barrels.

This is one of the tanks:

The following is the biggest tank type the Army now use which was on display at the Army Display stall.

The Sri Lankan Made Armored trucks. Built and maintained by the Sri Lanka Army.

And the tank in the sky, the MI-24 gunship.

There were some captured artifacts of the LTTE terrorists on display as well.
The picture below is of a suicide boat that the LTTE uses to kill themselves without much luck.

This is a boat captured from the LTTE that they copied from the Vessel the navy uses the "Super Dwora". Somehow, they might have been in the illusion that if they had a similar boat, they'd do similar work. Daydreams!

The following are some pictures of the captured Submarines...

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