CNN's attempts to save the dying tiger

Recently CNN and BBC have been over their heads talking about the war in Sri Lanka and seems they are so worried. Why so worried now? They are making claims that the civilians in the North are getting in between the crossfire. They also went to the liberty of waving around a video done by a Pro-LTTE group that has "Posing" people, trying to look sad.

The irony in this is that, they don't even bother to talk about the women and children who die in Gaza this much, or didn't even bother to comment on how many civilians died in the tac-ops in Iraq and Afghanistan. I say friends, when a B-2 hits the streets, its nothing like the Kfir. It sweeps off the area. Compare a broom with a stick that picks leaves.

The CNN was never there when the Bus bombs killed hundreds in Colombo, and injured innocent people in thousands. Maybe they were sleeping. Or maybe like in Iraq or Afghanistan, it was done by their own kin.

The BBC has been Pro-LTTE from the beginning. (Yeah! save the reasons, I know what you're going to say, free media my ass)
Its time the news agencies understood something straight. We care for our own people, let them be Sinhalese, Tamils or Muslims, and we know that you care about the terrorists. We're going to win this war and its time you guys stepped back, watch the terrorists get wiped out and be amazed.


  1. වජිර නදුන් සෝමරත්න Says:

    I'm totally agree with u.
    And there is nothing called "FREE MEDIA". All are working with a back propaganda.

    Not only BBC, CNN, I saw some "Associated Press" reports and "AFP" photos that talks only about terrorists. They are deaf when LTTE Terrorists kill thousands of people. When they kill religious priests.

    Not only that they are deaf when General public shout against LTTE.

    I have to mention some thing more. Not only these media guys, but also I NGO people are also crying for LTTE.
    Because they have spend millions of $ s, by telling false to the world. They haven't done any thing for NORTH & EAST using that money. The money has been shared by LTTE and them selves. Now they are fear to face the world. Because SL Forces have arrived to those areas and the truth is revealing.

    What ever these terrorists and Pro-Terrorist media & INGO says....
    "SRI LANKA will won this time...."
    "More "Muralitharan"s will play in next cricket world cup under SRI LANKAN Flag...."
    "Many more "Kadiragamar"s will serve the whole country...."

    "My last appeal to all the International media is ....Get clearly understand the meaning of words REBELS & TERRORISTS.... "