Call for Ceasefire, the joke of the year!

The LTTE terrorists are calling for a ceasefire and it seems this is the best joke I've heard for a long time from them.

The UN, CNN and the BBC are again overdoing themselves trying to make it look like an innocent little pussycat is calling for help. What they don't tell the world is that the LTTE is responsible for crimes including training the Al-Quaeda to do suicide missions and also alleged in the 9-11 attack.!

Its time people looked into the matter before commenting on the requests made by the terrorists. Oh well, maybe the CNN, BBC and the UN like the 9-11. It saves their jobs when terrorists make news.!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    well... i don't know why all the NGOs keeps pressuring SL Govt... Why the hell don't they pressure LTTE to release the civilians ne???