61st Independance Day Celebrations

As a free country, Sri Lanka Celebrates her 61st Anniversary. It is with great pride I write, as a nation, we have become once more under a single rule. After more than 30 years of war, we have at last gained Peace.

Blessed are those who gave their lives to this just cause. Blessed are the ones who drop their sweat and blood into this noble cause. Blessed is my motherland.

The Men and Women who gave their lives to give peace to this country will be remembered for all time to come. We are on the brink of defeating the world's most ruthless and one of the most powerful terrorist organizations. And they made it possible.

Many countries tried to put us onto the flames, that includes the bastards in Norway and the Junkyard-living people in India. They would have never thought that the war will once be over....

Come forth, feel the freedom....

ඉදිරියටම යවු හෙළයනි, ඉදිරියටම යවු!!!
මරු‍ට සිනාසෙවු හෙළයනි, මරු‍ට සිනාසෙවු !!!!

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