Giving the LTTE terrorists a taste of their own medicine

The Sri Lankan ARMY was able to capture two 130mm cannons last week. The brave soldiers in Missions in the northern battlefront didn't give the tiger terrorists a single chance to carry their weapons to inflict more damage. So they had to bury the BRAND NEW cannons. They seem to bury things a lot these days, including themselves.

The engineering corps test-fired the weapons Yesterday. Looks like the terrorists are going to get a good taste out of their own medicine. (Not to forget the fact, brand new cannons mean more than 99% accuracy!)

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Call for Ceasefire, the joke of the year!

The LTTE terrorists are calling for a ceasefire and it seems this is the best joke I've heard for a long time from them.

The UN, CNN and the BBC are again overdoing themselves trying to make it look like an innocent little pussycat is calling for help. What they don't tell the world is that the LTTE is responsible for crimes including training the Al-Quaeda to do suicide missions and also alleged in the 9-11 attack.!

Its time people looked into the matter before commenting on the requests made by the terrorists. Oh well, maybe the CNN, BBC and the UN like the 9-11. It saves their jobs when terrorists make news.!

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දතේ අමාරු!

ගොඩක් කල් පුරවපු දතක් ආයිත් රිදෙන්ඩ ගත්තා. ඒක මට තාවකාලික පිරවුමක් දාලා දොස්තර එන්න කියලා තිබ්බෙ. මගෙ මැ‍ටි කමට නොගියට!
තව ටිකක් දිරලලු! බ‍හස්පතින්දා ආයිත් යන්න වෙනවා හරියටම පුරවගන්න!

පුරවන වෙලාවෙ නම් හිතුන ප්ලාස්ටික් දත් තිබ්බනං කොච්චර හොඳයිද කියල!ස

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Deyata Kirula (දැයට කිරුළ) Exhibition

I went there with my mother, Nadeera, her mother and Anil Aiya.
We had to stay hours in the queues that were unorganized and packed. But at last we were able to get in to just two stalls of the Army and the Air Force.

Here are the pics that I took.

This is the replica of the Mawil-Aru Dam, where the humanitarian missions started.

There were some of the weapons and vehicles that the army and the Air-Force use in combat.
This is a display of some weapons including the common weapon used by the army, the T-56 Automatic Rifle.

This is a 130mm cannon.

This is the Multi Barreled Rocket Launcher (MBRL), one of the major armaments of the army

 A close up: Observe the 40 barrels.

This is one of the tanks:

The following is the biggest tank type the Army now use which was on display at the Army Display stall.

The Sri Lankan Made Armored trucks. Built and maintained by the Sri Lanka Army.

And the tank in the sky, the MI-24 gunship.

There were some captured artifacts of the LTTE terrorists on display as well.
The picture below is of a suicide boat that the LTTE uses to kill themselves without much luck.

This is a boat captured from the LTTE that they copied from the Vessel the navy uses the "Super Dwora". Somehow, they might have been in the illusion that if they had a similar boat, they'd do similar work. Daydreams!

The following are some pictures of the captured Submarines...

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CNN's attempts to save the dying tiger

Recently CNN and BBC have been over their heads talking about the war in Sri Lanka and seems they are so worried. Why so worried now? They are making claims that the civilians in the North are getting in between the crossfire. They also went to the liberty of waving around a video done by a Pro-LTTE group that has "Posing" people, trying to look sad.

The irony in this is that, they don't even bother to talk about the women and children who die in Gaza this much, or didn't even bother to comment on how many civilians died in the tac-ops in Iraq and Afghanistan. I say friends, when a B-2 hits the streets, its nothing like the Kfir. It sweeps off the area. Compare a broom with a stick that picks leaves.

The CNN was never there when the Bus bombs killed hundreds in Colombo, and injured innocent people in thousands. Maybe they were sleeping. Or maybe like in Iraq or Afghanistan, it was done by their own kin.

The BBC has been Pro-LTTE from the beginning. (Yeah! save the reasons, I know what you're going to say, free media my ass)
Its time the news agencies understood something straight. We care for our own people, let them be Sinhalese, Tamils or Muslims, and we know that you care about the terrorists. We're going to win this war and its time you guys stepped back, watch the terrorists get wiped out and be amazed.

61st Independance Day Celebrations

As a free country, Sri Lanka Celebrates her 61st Anniversary. It is with great pride I write, as a nation, we have become once more under a single rule. After more than 30 years of war, we have at last gained Peace.

Blessed are those who gave their lives to this just cause. Blessed are the ones who drop their sweat and blood into this noble cause. Blessed is my motherland.

The Men and Women who gave their lives to give peace to this country will be remembered for all time to come. We are on the brink of defeating the world's most ruthless and one of the most powerful terrorist organizations. And they made it possible.

Many countries tried to put us onto the flames, that includes the bastards in Norway and the Junkyard-living people in India. They would have never thought that the war will once be over....

Come forth, feel the freedom....

ඉදිරියටම යවු හෙළයනි, ඉදිරියටම යවු!!!
මරු‍ට සිනාසෙවු හෙළයනි, මරු‍ට සිනාසෙවු !!!!

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සිංහලෙන් ලිවීම

ඇති යන්තම් මම දඟලලා දඟලලා හොයා ගත්තා කොහොමද සිංහලෙන් ලියන්නෙ කියලා.

ඔයගොල්ලන්ටත් ඔනනම් Sinhala Unicode කියලා Google ඵකේ type කරලා Unicode Download කර ගන්න.

For Vista and Windows 7:
Vista Quick Fix.exe ඵක install කරන්න.

අනිත් OS වලට ඵ් Site ඵකේම බලන්න. ක්‍රම තියන‍වා.

මතක තියා ගන්න, Windows Vista, Win 7 වලට Unicode Inbuilt උනා‍ට, Quick Fix ඵක දැම්මම තමයි හරියටම වැඩ කරන්නේ.

Keyboard Layout change Shortcut : ALT + SHIFT

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