Seven still goes well

Win 7 has been so far so good. I didn't get much errors or bugs and the OS is fast even when its on the slower of my two disks. I'm still waiting for a better version from Microsoft to install this as the main OS. Looks like a good beta version will be on the market soon ;)

Here's a screenie of the Task Manager. It runs at 700MB. As I remember, Vista took about 900MB at idle time. But it gave the space away very fast if an application needed it.

The search function also seems to have improved. It can be somewhat near the Spotlight of OS-X. I still don't know whether they got the new features out from OS-X Snow Leopard. But the remnants of Leopard is still here. The Right hand bottom square is for SHOW DESKTOP, which is something like "Active Corners" of OS-X.

The lighting up of the task bar's items when they are rolled over with the mouse is also a cool effect. And the "Orb" also glows, when rolled over. I'll be testing this further more. For those who are interested in my System config, its on one of the OS-X posts.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    good luck with 7 m8.. but i'm now in the middle of the fence.. thinking to move open source or.. stick with windows..