New Year comes on the second day of the year. Kilinochchi recovered after 11 years!!!

Its with great pleasure that I write here that today, our forces have liberated the so called "Political" centre of the LTTE terrorists. The valiant 57th and 58th (Task Force 1 and our favortite ;) ) squads have been able to capture the Kilinochchi town after a fierce battle that lasted for several hours.

We awaited the NEWS and reports of all defence sources we know from the morning.  The whole country was taken with pride and joy. For the first time in history, the got stuck because of the massive traffic towards it, trying to get the news.

The coward terrorists again tried to take our victory back by blasting a human bomb in Colombo. One brave SLAF personnel gave his life protecting the base from being infiltrated. It is clear that the brains and mindset of those suicide bombers has been twisted so much by the LTTE, that they loose the ability of rational thinking. How could a single stupid, untrained, cowardly idiot take down an Air force base? Its a joke.! has the title "Kilinochchi liberated- Countdown to extinction begins for LTTE" flying with full colours.

For your reference, I will include the map from the site. This is the current situation. We WILL take down the terrorists. Each soldier is determined and all countryman are backing them. Victory is not far from reach !!

This is the current situation. The area in green that I put, is the area we liberated from the 18th of September..
The area in red is still infected with the monkey troops of Prabha (the big pig)


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