It all started with a pushing of a crate...

I'm talking about the age old game Half Life. It started in 1998 as a huge FPS. I say it was huge because of two things. The game was very long and it won the hearts of many and was very popular. I played it first in sometime like 1999 and I was only able to finish it when I got my own PC in 2000. It took me almost a month to do it.

The story starts with Dr. Gordon Freeman, a physics doc, who participates in testing an impure radioactive material. That causes the whole area, which is the Black Mesa compound to be connected with another realm...Ah!! cut the crap!! You know the story!! If you haven't played this game, you haven't played games!!!!!

I'm now into Half Life 2 Episode 2. A mere 11 Years have passed and the story still runs...(actually the game released long ago! I got it just now :D )

It has a lot of improvements in characters as well as gameplay. Unlike most other games which ask for all the resources of a PC, Half life has always been a mild, processor friendly game. It uses a stage based game map which loads from time to time to free up the area you're not looking at and is unwanted. (Compare that with the CRY engine)

The overall story is yet to be known and there is another episode coming up (Episode 3) which will finish the story that ran more than 10 Years. Its fun playing the game, you should try it if you havent. I'll give 10/10 for this game.

Here are some screenshots..

The Vortex after the citadel falls

Alyx After the robot's attack. The alien actually is coming to help her.

Remember this face? Its the third time he talks to us in the whole game series...And the longest I guess :D

This is a view of the outside world...For those who only know HL1, yes, there is an outside world in HL2 ;)

Great Game!!!

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  1. sdevinda Says:

    Yeap man, you are correct. It is one of the coolest games I played. I can't remember the story now, coz it's almost 2 years last time I play it. But the game is really nice. keep on playing.....

  2. Tharaka Devinda Says:

    මගෙ ගාව setup ඵක තියනවා. ඔනනම් දෙන්නම්..