Gaining Ground

Seven Ground divisions, Eight Battlefronts, one enemy..the outcome is clear. We will be able to clear up the remaining area of Mulativu in the near future.

Looking back at the Wanni operation, it seems like a dream come true. And to remind the path 58th took...WoW, those must be the people who trekked the most distance in the ARMY.

The NAVY being the eighth front, has deployed four layers of brave hands to protect the sea-route to the un-captured area. Its impossibility itself to penetrate its defenses. Specially with our own home made creation, the RABS...(Love those guys, fast agile and right to the spot.)

Anyway, is doing a great job, even with a colorful display saying 393km2 left....

The moral of the countrymen as well as soldiers is very high at this stage, this is a definete fact for the victories that we gained in the past days...

May all who gave their lives protecting motherland attain nibbana!!! Your sacrifice to this nation is NOT in vain..

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