Finished Half Life 2 Episode 2

I was a able to finish half life 2 Episode 2 yesterday. It was a good but short game. It is the case with these episodes. They are very short, unlike the Half life 1 and 2 versions.

I got some screen-shots and some of them were accidental. Here are the best of them...

This is the car that is used from the middle of the game to the end. Pretty rugged but it serves the purpose. :)

This shows another outside view of the game.

The plan of the scientists from black mesa is to send a rocket to the atmospheric level and then transmit a frequency to disable the portal that was made after the collapse of the tower.
I'm supposed to protect the rocket before it is ready to launch from and army of striders...
This is an accidental screenshot of Dr. Freeman holding a Madison's bomb (which is used to destroy the striders). I have pressed F5 (screenshot key) when pressing F6(Quicksave)

This is a screenie of the launch. The rocket can be seen amidst the clouds of smoke. I didn't think I'd be able to get this shot, because of the speed of the rocket. But looks like I got it after all.

The portal starts to die after the transmission...

When it all ends, a couple of big bugs (I think they're called instructors) attack the white forest base, and gets hold of Eli, Alice and Gordon. I'm not going to tell the story, you want to know what happens afterward, you play the game ;)

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