Another day, another Router, another IOS! and another screw-up?

Yes, it all falls onto me. I'm responsible for changing an IOS on a Cisco 5400. This time, to add to the fun, the node is live!!! Yes, Hot Damn Live.!!!

I'll have to pull this one right.! If all goes well, I'll be home for the well awaited mid-week holiday, but if it slips, more than one will loose their sleep.

Hope the router behaves well. I only have to do about 3,4 commands, and I can do it in the office. But to be on the safe side, I'll go to KOT.!!! At least i'd be able to turn the damn switch off!!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Oh god.. u n routers.. :P

  2. Tharaka Devinda Says:

    HUH! Easy for you to say! Those things give me the creeps!