Redefining the cats

After I installed and used the MAC OS-X for some time, I realized that there is no way i'm going to figure out a way to get the audio working. So another Friday night, another installation attempt. This time, I have a tool. I got the laptop from office since nobody was taking it home this weekend. So I can debug any thing that I come across rather than assume and pick out of the options.

So here goes. I'm trying the second attempt for the day. Its no big deal, I saw a guy did it more than 400 times to get the right combination. Anyway, for all those who are wondering 'what the heck!', this is a real stable OS. And trying to do something different with the PC is darn fun. Specially when you get it right after a gazillion times

The rumor that flies that Vista copied OS-X, well, lets just say its more than your average day-to-day lie. There are feature in Vista that is 100% OS-X like. But I don't know who invented them first. I can say one thing though. In most of those features, Apple outdo the Microsoft guys ten to one.

Fingers crossed!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    LoL.. Seems like you are gonna transfer from a PC to being a Mac eh? :P

    The best thing in either Windows or Linux is the ability to customize and develop on the platform which lacks in Apple..

    Thus, for the time being, i'll stick with windows until i find a linux distro that's fully compatible with ME.. :) Then I'll switch to open source - most probably..

    But who knows.. You may sometimes see a post in ma blog saying.. "Happy to be a MAC.." :P