Migration to x86 Vista

I've been using Vista x64 all this time and i plan to migrate to the 32 bit version due to some reasons. The main reason is that I feel it is better to be using the typical version to be on the safe side of games and softwares.

I also have serious doubts about the AVG virus scanner and there are two processes running in the name rundll.exe in the processes. I don't know whether they are needed or not. But they just dont seem like viruses and Nothing detected any hiccup. The internal V-Scanner inside me is giving warnings ever since I saw it. :D (Oh yes, I trust that! i've cleaned dozens of viruses manually when I was using XP) So by installing the 32 bit version, I hope I can run the reliable NOD 32 scanner.

The next thing is I hope that the system may (Big maybe there) function faster under the 32 bit version. But I don;t know that till I install the new version and it becomes optimized as it is now.

There are some drawbacks..

I installed almost all of the Windows updates to this date. I will have to re-install them. Considering my ADSL bandwidth budget, that will be a pain in the back.

The next thing I'll have to worry about is the indexing. The system will have to index the whole HDD (All 500GB of it) again from scratch.!!!! Thats a pain upto about 2,3 weeks since it will be running in the background.

I still dont have an idea when to do it. i will have to do some survey soon. If I'm able to do it today, I might be able to install the new OS Saturday night. (Looks like office habits are coming onto me, downtime in the night ;) )

Lets see how it goes.....

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