Installed MAC OS-X at last

Despite my failed attempts to install OS-X on the PC, I did not give up the challenge. With a bit of reading and experiments, I was able to install the OS on the smaller HDD. And, yes! I AM posting this with safari on the OS-X.

This OS feels very smooth. But there are some compatibility issues involved. At first I thought my keyboard did not work when I started typing the username and password stuff at the OS installation final step. Got all that worked out.

The only hiccup I get now is that the need to have the DVD in the drive when I use this thing. I'm sure that the DVD does nothing, but since I need it to boot up the OS on the HDD, I need it in the drive. When I take it out by unmounting, the whole OS stops. It must be that a program in the DVD has started the kernel process on the disk. If I remove the DVD, the kernel no longer has a parent process. Well, that is my guess..... Lets see....

Anyway, I'll try to get the next version, the Leopard when I go to the office tomorrow. Then I will try the no DVD version of apple :D

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    apoooo.. apple.. sucks big time.. it only boasts.. :P