Indians Gets their asses kicked

After pushing our government to start talks with the LTTE Terrorists, India finally had the chance of experiencing first hand, what real terrorism is. They seriously should get their heads straight on this thing; Terrorists are terrorists and they are not needed in this world.

I think at least now, they will keep their mouths shut and keep to their internal matters. And seriously, if they needed Commando support, they should've asked us, we have the best Commandos in the region, and the situation might have been averted if our boys went in to the rescue mission.

Yo, Indians, we can however hold some tuition classes once this LTTE pests have been irradiated. For the time being, we're a bit busy.. ;). But if you insists that you need some lessons on search and rescue, just ask our Army, I think they'll show some sympathy :P.

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