Giving facebook what it needs..

I tried to eat my friend Wathsala's head when the google search "Tharaka Devinda" Ended up her profile page from the facebook coming to the 2nd hit. I seriously dont know what she did, but the hit is no longer there. She might've given the google guys some harsh looks or so...

whatever, what I get as the first hit is my profile page off facebook. What did you utter just now? thats good? Well NO!!!
I dont use the damn site. It was a mistake I ever signed on. So I'm going to delete the page. Hope this cures it up..

If all goes well, the Blog page will come to the top and I can promote some tags in tarantula to make it appear as well....

So Facebook, have what you deserve....the boot :P ROFL!!!

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  2. Anonymous Says:

    go to facebook and then go to "settings -> privacy -> search" and untick "create a public search listing.." so google won't show your fcebook profile thingy.. :)