Fourth year anniversary

Today Me and Nadeera celebrate four years together. :D

We had a little outing and had lunch on last Saturday coz today is a weekday. But I gave the present this morning and I got mine in the evening....

This is what I gave her...It was accompanied by a custom made greeting card.

And Look at the guy I got :D Isnt it cute ? Hes on my table right now..

A T Shirt also came with this.

Todays a fun day for both of us... I'm happy she liked the doll :D

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    tht toad looks awesome man.. i feel like stealing it.. ;)

  2. prasad-B Says:

    congrats give a doll this year,i wish she may give you a doll next year!!

  3. ශාකුන්තල Says:

    I just saw your blog dude. I don't know you personally, but congratulations! (even I celebrated my 4th year on november :) )

  4. Tiral Mohan Says:

    Both got cute gifts.Good job.Keep going.
    Love u both.