Fourth year anniversary

Today Me and Nadeera celebrate four years together. :D

We had a little outing and had lunch on last Saturday coz today is a weekday. But I gave the present this morning and I got mine in the evening....

This is what I gave her...It was accompanied by a custom made greeting card.

And Look at the guy I got :D Isnt it cute ? Hes on my table right now..

A T Shirt also came with this.

Todays a fun day for both of us... I'm happy she liked the doll :D

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Grr...forgot the pendrive at office.

My pen was loaded with 2 movies. One of them was Max Payne and I forgot it at office. It must be still there in the USB.. :/

Hope it stays there in the weekend. :( I'll have to survive with what I have in the HDD.

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Make Flock Search google instead of Yahoo!

Ok, we all agree that Yahoo sucks in many ways than one. So you'd love to put your browser search to the giant Google. But the Flock browser by default uses the Yahoo search engine.

To switch, you need to go to Tools > Options and then Search. After that, put the default search engine as Google and remove Yahoo and other annoying stuff you dont want from the list.

To make it search Google from the address bar like Firefox, type about:config in the address bar and search for
keyword.URL and change it to the following.. Flock searches Google from the address bar too.!!!

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Giving facebook what it needs..

I tried to eat my friend Wathsala's head when the google search "Tharaka Devinda" Ended up her profile page from the facebook coming to the 2nd hit. I seriously dont know what she did, but the hit is no longer there. She might've given the google guys some harsh looks or so...

whatever, what I get as the first hit is my profile page off facebook. What did you utter just now? thats good? Well NO!!!
I dont use the damn site. It was a mistake I ever signed on. So I'm going to delete the page. Hope this cures it up..

If all goes well, the Blog page will come to the top and I can promote some tags in tarantula to make it appear as well....

So Facebook, have what you deserve....the boot :P ROFL!!!

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