Trip to Ella...

Since I posted a few photos on the way, you might have guessed that this will be the next post.

The trip was to the Ella adventure park, where we planned to do some activities and enjoy the weekend. We went to Ella by Train. The night mail train was the choice to go to Ella on Friday evening. It took off at 8.45 pm and was due at Ella at about 7 am. But the train was late because of a faulty engine and we arrived at 12 noon at the place.

This is us on the way at the Pattipola railway station. Pattipola is the highest station on the Sri Lankan rail track.

at another place

These are some photos I took on the way with my mobile.

Finally we came to Ella...

So we took a van to the adventure park and from there by foot to the place we stayed.

It was an eco tourist spot where they had the place built right into the jungle. There was no electricity and we had to take another cell operator's SIMs to have contact since our operator didn't cover that area.

This is us walking in the jungle to reach the spot. Naveen looks a bit tired, but he was the one who voted with me to go by the hard road. Who wants paved roads when you have shortcuts through the jungle....;)

We had to have lunch fast and then go for the activities. Here are some photos.

The aerial rope was the best. We had to ride a cable to reach one end from the other of the river.
Thats me going on the aerial rope.

Thats the spot where we did some more rope activities.

This is the place we stayed. Its a great spot. No rooms or closed places. Open air cottages with minimal covering. Its great to be outdoors

Then we had to come back the next morning (Sunday). We had booked the tickets to the observation saloon on the train. This is me at the Ella station.

Here are some photos on the way....

This is St. Clair falls. I dont think it'll last for long. I'm not sure whether the upper kotmale water project will dry it out. So sad if that happens.

All in all, it was a great trip. Not to mention the aftermath of muscle pains due to heavy activities. :D

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    nice photos man.. makes me want to go on a trip now..