This is what happens when you push a disk to it's limit

I started burning two DVDs since my Movies folder was becoming a bit jammed. Its not that I ran out of space. Its better to have them on disks in case you need additional space and for the sake of reliability.

But when I pressed the burn button on this disk, stupid Nero reset the speed I set from 8x to 20x. !!! Thats right 20x. The DVD Burner started sounding like a mill and about 10mins later gave the verification success message. I'm not that easily satisfied this time. I ran the Disk speed and quality check. I'm really glad I did it. Look at this.

The result looks like a monkey had bitten off a part of the disk

There is no way i'm going to add this to my collection !!!! I'll have to re-burn the files. Frak!!!

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