Tarantula's Base Code Done!

After a long struggle, I finished the base code that needs for the function of Tarantula, the web based disk catalog that enables me and other users to search within my disk collection.

You can use it at tharaka.pinkpaper.info
Please make sure you use Firefox or similar browser. The IE support will come in a few days. :D

All I have to do now is to index the disks and then upload the data files to the site. I have implemented a method to do that and I have uploaded data of several disks up to today. I hope I can finish the while indexing process in about a week. The best thing is that the system is now usable.

Please feel free to use it and please give me any feedback on improvements. I am hoping to port the entire functionality of the Disk catalog that I did with VB to this site and make a mobile friendly site too.

After the indexing and the optimizations I'll be able to use it as the main system. But the standalone Disk catalog will also be used in case of no internet access and any other problems.

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