Home coming party at Pinnawala..

I got an invitation from Gihan aiya, who works at my office to participate in his home coming treat at Pinnawala. So I went there on Sunday (11th) with Mr. Malith. We were the first to arrive from our group. After a little time, the whole plot appeared. Gayan, Kuru, Sameera, Nadira and Isuru.

So we had some lunch and started off home again. It was rather a come and go game since we only knew Gihan Aiya :D.

So we decided to visit the nearby Elephant orphanage which was in walking distance from the hotel.

When we went there the elephants were out for a bath. This happens to me all the time. I've visited the place for over three times and I never saw the elephants in the orphanage. They were in the river all the time.

So we went to the river area where they had their bath. Its fun to watch the elephants bath. They do all sorts of funny and mischievous stuff, like stealing the mud off one another's back and applying it on itself.

So I took some pics to remember the occasion. So behold..., The pride of Sri Lanka, the Elephant!!!

this one started off first from the river. Gave the bystanders quite a chill.

We met this one when coming back to the car.

Thats me at the hotel :D Its not a real elephant though!!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I've been that closer to real elephants mate.. + i've even ridden a huge elephant.. sometime back though..