28/50 movies

Wow. I just ran into the best movies of 2007 and I counted the ones that I've watched that are in the top 50.

And I'm really amazed..I ran into 28 titles that I watched. And thats just in the top 50. Wonder how many I've really watched.

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This is what happens when you push a disk to it's limit

I started burning two DVDs since my Movies folder was becoming a bit jammed. Its not that I ran out of space. Its better to have them on disks in case you need additional space and for the sake of reliability.

But when I pressed the burn button on this disk, stupid Nero reset the speed I set from 8x to 20x. !!! Thats right 20x. The DVD Burner started sounding like a mill and about 10mins later gave the verification success message. I'm not that easily satisfied this time. I ran the Disk speed and quality check. I'm really glad I did it. Look at this.

The result looks like a monkey had bitten off a part of the disk

There is no way i'm going to add this to my collection !!!! I'll have to re-burn the files. Frak!!!

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Tarantula...Indexing Done!!

The indexing for all the disks have been finished. Tarantula is now an up and running service. The disks that resulted in failed indexes will be dealt with very soon. But they are not important disks to others..

The most important ones, the movies have been successfully finished.

use tarantula at tharaka.pinkpaper.info or use the add-on search unit in this blog in the left hand side.

Now you can view all the files on my CD collection. :D

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Trip to Ella...

Since I posted a few photos on the way, you might have guessed that this will be the next post.

The trip was to the Ella adventure park, where we planned to do some activities and enjoy the weekend. We went to Ella by Train. The night mail train was the choice to go to Ella on Friday evening. It took off at 8.45 pm and was due at Ella at about 7 am. But the train was late because of a faulty engine and we arrived at 12 noon at the place.

This is us on the way at the Pattipola railway station. Pattipola is the highest station on the Sri Lankan rail track.

at another place

These are some photos I took on the way with my mobile.

Finally we came to Ella...

So we took a van to the adventure park and from there by foot to the place we stayed.

It was an eco tourist spot where they had the place built right into the jungle. There was no electricity and we had to take another cell operator's SIMs to have contact since our operator didn't cover that area.

This is us walking in the jungle to reach the spot. Naveen looks a bit tired, but he was the one who voted with me to go by the hard road. Who wants paved roads when you have shortcuts through the jungle....;)

We had to have lunch fast and then go for the activities. Here are some photos.

The aerial rope was the best. We had to ride a cable to reach one end from the other of the river.
Thats me going on the aerial rope.

Thats the spot where we did some more rope activities.

This is the place we stayed. Its a great spot. No rooms or closed places. Open air cottages with minimal covering. Its great to be outdoors

Then we had to come back the next morning (Sunday). We had booked the tickets to the observation saloon on the train. This is me at the Ella station.

Here are some photos on the way....

This is St. Clair falls. I dont think it'll last for long. I'm not sure whether the upper kotmale water project will dry it out. So sad if that happens.

All in all, it was a great trip. Not to mention the aftermath of muscle pains due to heavy activities. :D

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Ravana falls

Now at Ravana falls. Still to reach our destination, ella adventure park.

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On the way to ella

This photo is from hatton. We are now on the way to ella by train.

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Home coming party at Pinnawala..

I got an invitation from Gihan aiya, who works at my office to participate in his home coming treat at Pinnawala. So I went there on Sunday (11th) with Mr. Malith. We were the first to arrive from our group. After a little time, the whole plot appeared. Gayan, Kuru, Sameera, Nadira and Isuru.

So we had some lunch and started off home again. It was rather a come and go game since we only knew Gihan Aiya :D.

So we decided to visit the nearby Elephant orphanage which was in walking distance from the hotel.

When we went there the elephants were out for a bath. This happens to me all the time. I've visited the place for over three times and I never saw the elephants in the orphanage. They were in the river all the time.

So we went to the river area where they had their bath. Its fun to watch the elephants bath. They do all sorts of funny and mischievous stuff, like stealing the mud off one another's back and applying it on itself.

So I took some pics to remember the occasion. So behold..., The pride of Sri Lanka, the Elephant!!!

this one started off first from the river. Gave the bystanders quite a chill.

We met this one when coming back to the car.

Thats me at the hotel :D Its not a real elephant though!!

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Tarantula's Base Code Done!

After a long struggle, I finished the base code that needs for the function of Tarantula, the web based disk catalog that enables me and other users to search within my disk collection.

You can use it at tharaka.pinkpaper.info
Please make sure you use Firefox or similar browser. The IE support will come in a few days. :D

All I have to do now is to index the disks and then upload the data files to the site. I have implemented a method to do that and I have uploaded data of several disks up to today. I hope I can finish the while indexing process in about a week. The best thing is that the system is now usable.

Please feel free to use it and please give me any feedback on improvements. I am hoping to port the entire functionality of the Disk catalog that I did with VB to this site and make a mobile friendly site too.

After the indexing and the optimizations I'll be able to use it as the main system. But the standalone Disk catalog will also be used in case of no internet access and any other problems.

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This is a vid that i took from FEAR. Its not easy to take vids of places that a lot of action is, since the AIs are really smart. But took this one after reloading. :D

Here are some screenshots. This is what you call Nailing to the wall. This gun sends high speed nails instead of bullets. Its fast and effective in the game

And here comes help ! :D After a long time, take a look at that health !!!!

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This is a FEAR screenie. The game is scarier now.

This is a vision that the character has while going in the game. I still don't know the plot, so its interesting to play while learning the story.

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