Its actually my new web based project. You might remember that I started off building a CD Catalog for the sake of preserving my CDs and making them easier to find. Well, Tarantula is the name that I gave to the system that keeps all that in track.

The former project that I did using VB 6, could keep in the database the details of each and every CD that I have with me including the CD number and the Description. It also keeps track of when and to whom the disks were lent or burrowed.

Tarantula will be all that and some additional features. Tarantula uses XML to keep track of all the files in the CDs too. So that when I want to find a file in the CD collection (specially backups) I only have to type the name of the file and the system gives me the disk stored and the location of the file. That's save me a lot of time I waste trying to find some old file.

There are several Softwares in the web that actually makes this function. But most of them are 30 day evaluations. I'll try to develop this to a user-friendly status and make this available as open source. (Thats right, I'm into the thing now that I have experienced Fedora too :) )

The only minus point of this software is that I'm making this web based, so the users will have to have a web server. But there are small web servers out there without the complexity of the big functions. The next step definitely will have to be integrating this to something like flash.

Keep checking here. I'll put the system and the code here as soon as I'm done developing it. So that you can re-touch and edit it to a better version.

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