New Power Supply for the PC

Coz I'm going to get a new VGA, hopefully the 9600GT, I'd need a power supply that gives a lot of wattage than the one I have.
After walking hours in the unity plaza, we did not find an adequate supply for Lasitha on the BIT day. But he found one from Unity the other day he went alone. So I also went to the same shop to get the supply.

Its rated 550W and the main requirement for the VGA was 20A in the 12V rail. This baby says 22A for the 12V rail on the sticker. But you never know whether the sticker is correct. So I have 2A margin for error. Anusha runs his GT on 18A so I think I dont have to worry too much on power issues now.

When I installed the new power supply I noticed that there was too much dust on the CPU heatsink. So I removed the fan and then cleaned it up a bit too. Look at all this dust on the sink.

Had to clean all that up.

And gave the ol' mainboard a new BIOS today too. Either I didn't notice before or the new BIOS gave a setting called HDD boot priority in the BIOS system settings. I noticed this today since the BIOS was upgraded, the system started booting XP :S

So I restarted and checked what happened. There I found out about this menu. This must have been there since the system booted Vista only after I removed the ATA disk and booted once from the SATA. It might have put the SATA on top of the list so that all the time the SATA booted. The upgrade changed this, and it was a good thing, I noticed the menu. Now I can boot XP anytime I want :D

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  1. senaka Says:

    Since ur in to hardware...could u give me a clue on the following

    Could dual booting Xp and Linux, without an UPS, cause hardware malfunction? I lost one of my RAM cards when above setup was enabled.
    What happens if Linux is not shut down properly ?
    Usually hardware problems...are hardware related and software problems are related to software as well as hardware.

    However, could malfunction at OS level lead to hardware problems?

    Senaka devinda

  2. Anonymous Says:

    9600GT... WOW! Whn r u gonna get tht bad babe? lol...