Fedora in the old Hard Drive

I've been waiting to install a version of linux to my old HDD. Since I did not copy all the stuff from the old Disk to the new one, I could not do it until now.

I checked all the backups and things and copied all the things from the old Disks to the new one. So I can remove the partition table for good. I had a Fedora Core 9 downloaded from the university during project times. I actually did that to test the system for 64 bit functionality coz the OS ran Live without installing.

So I installed it onto the old HDD. I have a whole 40GB to play with. I had a lot of problems at first. Even the Network adapter was not detected by the OS at first. So I had to do some juggling to get that fixed.

I removed the new HDD before doing anything. I still remember what GRUB does to OS's. So I didn't want any more trouble. Now it works with both HDDs plugged in.

Now its time to test all kinds of open source servers and stuff. If I cant get this to work, well, I always have other options for open source. Including the ol' Ubuntu :D

Wonder whether I can run OS-X in my PC!!! Looks like its going to be OS fantasy time :D

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