A week to go on 40...

I'm planning to go for it. Its cool, its big, its fast and its Samsung!
No its not a refrigirator. I'm Talking about a Hard Drive. The Samsung HD501LJ 500GB Hard Drive.
The Disk is not only huge in capacity its also very fast. The 7200rpm drive gives 3GB/s speeds on the SATA interface.

This is also an important unit in my computer since the storage capacity was the only thing that separated me and Vistax64. Yes, another x64 OS. I've had a pretty bad experience with the XP x64 OS. But I really Hope that this time it will pay off.

Well, I'll have to buy the thing first. Hope the stocks don't run out till I buy it. :D

I cant wail to execute the first phase of my three tier plan. Want to know the other steps? Well, for that you'd have to wait, like what I'm doing right now. :D

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