Vista it is then...

Well, I managed to install Vista at last...
Wow, this is a good OS despite all that complaining from people. Have to check this out. Besides, my friend Anusha won't be using this if it wasn't good. Thats the first sign that I got that this OS is somewhat good.

Looks like it suits me too. The graphics are awesome. But I really hope this had the window effects that came with XGL (and new Ubuntu and even Fedora 9). The wobbling windows would have been real eye candy.

The system is still a bit sluggish because I installed in yesterday. Its getting used to my PC as well as I to it.
My HDD runs fine too. But it has this small crunching noise that I hate about HDDs. Oh what to do, its my HDD, better get used to it.

The Vista experience index was 3.0 at first install. But I downloaded the Service Pack and Installed it. Now it became 3.3 :D

Well..Hope this OS sticks with me.

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