Storage at 540 GB....Heart Rate at 150 bps

This is one of the most eventful days of my computing career.
One is because I bought the biggest disk that was available in the (Sri Lankan) market, the 500 GB Samsung HD501LJ. With 7200 rpm, this baby twists and turns like nothing...

I got the disk and a new battery for the dead UPS.

The events dont end there. I just recovered from a situation that was the worst of my life.!!!
After I installed the disk, I partitioned it in to 4 volumes...
The primary being 50 GB and the others 150 G each. Well the last partition has 123 GB because of this 1000 and 1024 thing.

So I didn't put any files yet. And Stupid me got the idea of installing ubuntu on the new disk. Up went my brain's processing systems and started installing it.
I made a crucial mistake at the installation. The primary disk was the booting disk, I installed the grub in the second disk. GRUB didn't even show up at startup, windows started booting :S

So I decided to pull the power cable out of the ATA disk and then ran the system with the new SATA. Now grub loaded; frak!!! (Pardon me Anusha for burrowing the word but its the most appropriate) only to show that there are no valid paths under the OS names. The names were there, but since the main disk was not present, they did not boot.

So i decided to revert back to normal and entered the WinXP DVD and started the recovery..
fixboot was the first attempt: No change, No OS detected
then fixmbr: the mbr went dead this time now the disks are gone for good.
Lucky for me the 40GB disk remained intact with it's MBRs, but I didn't know that yet!!!

So I removed the power from the ATA again and tried to install windows on the new disk. Now this could be possible right? new disk, new OS!! :S to my utmost suprise, it was NOT :S :S

It gives an error before starting setup. So I went back to Ubuntu, selected install ubuntu again OH MY GOODNESS.....the keyboard lights started blinking and the error said CRC error cannot write to block!!!!

I was almost dead.!!!

So I went from computer to electronics. Thought for a few miniutes and went for the ultimate test. The OS is selcted when there is one disk right ?! So what I need to do is keep the SATA inactive till the bootup happens.....

So I waited with the SATA cable removed, and ready for BIOS to select the OS...and wham!!! I plugged in the SATA cable....

I know for a fact that windows looks for drives at OS there was a faint hope that the disk would be usable. But I did not think it would...

Luckily it did. The disk was shown on windows, two of it's partitions formatted with ext2 and swap.....

I deleted all the partitions and re-configured them and restarted with my fingers crossed.


Off to dinner!!!....I deserve it.!!

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