BIT and what a way to do it...

It all started with the rain...

Yes it rained like hell today. I had to go to the BIT exam and then I got up early and when I was near the place I was about to get down, It was raining and the wind was also strong. When I tried to go along the way, I saw that it was flooded about 6 inches in the sides of the street and 4 on the middle. So I decided to go round the long way to the Hindu College where we had the exam.

When I was in the duplication road, the wind took over everything. I had to balance and calibrate the umbrella to the direction of the rain and in the same time make sure that it did not flip to the other side because of the wind.

I realized after going there that the area I saw flooded was small compared to that. :S

MAN it was flooded. Look at this.

So I saw a place where I could take a detour and used it. But there was again like 3 inches of water there. I had to jump through a window to get into the classroom there. So I though that it was over and WoW.....the next side was also flooded. It was like a river. There were a small number of people there and we waited there without a clue of what to do.

After about a half hour, an examiner came and said that we have to go to the second floor. So I had to go in that muddy water 6 inches deep, to the staircase.

YUK!!! Imagine writing the exam with smelly feet. :S

This totally sucked. Look at the water level, compare the before and after pics,
This was before the water went away...

This was after it all drained out :S

After the exam Anusha and I went to the Unity to help Lasitha get a new PC. We were there till about 7pm and I came home at 8pm. last, I could have a bath.....

Today was totally a bad add to the trouble, there was also a small explosion in pettah...

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  1. Dihan Says:

    Don't worry bro. we are in srilanka.