BIT and what a way to do it...

It all started with the rain...

Yes it rained like hell today. I had to go to the BIT exam and then I got up early and when I was near the place I was about to get down, It was raining and the wind was also strong. When I tried to go along the way, I saw that it was flooded about 6 inches in the sides of the street and 4 on the middle. So I decided to go round the long way to the Hindu College where we had the exam.

When I was in the duplication road, the wind took over everything. I had to balance and calibrate the umbrella to the direction of the rain and in the same time make sure that it did not flip to the other side because of the wind.

I realized after going there that the area I saw flooded was small compared to that. :S

MAN it was flooded. Look at this.

So I saw a place where I could take a detour and used it. But there was again like 3 inches of water there. I had to jump through a window to get into the classroom there. So I though that it was over and WoW.....the next side was also flooded. It was like a river. There were a small number of people there and we waited there without a clue of what to do.

After about a half hour, an examiner came and said that we have to go to the second floor. So I had to go in that muddy water 6 inches deep, to the staircase.

YUK!!! Imagine writing the exam with smelly feet. :S

This totally sucked. Look at the water level, compare the before and after pics,
This was before the water went away...

This was after it all drained out :S

After the exam Anusha and I went to the Unity to help Lasitha get a new PC. We were there till about 7pm and I came home at 8pm. last, I could have a bath.....

Today was totally a bad add to the trouble, there was also a small explosion in pettah...

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Vista it is then...

Well, I managed to install Vista at last...
Wow, this is a good OS despite all that complaining from people. Have to check this out. Besides, my friend Anusha won't be using this if it wasn't good. Thats the first sign that I got that this OS is somewhat good.

Looks like it suits me too. The graphics are awesome. But I really hope this had the window effects that came with XGL (and new Ubuntu and even Fedora 9). The wobbling windows would have been real eye candy.

The system is still a bit sluggish because I installed in yesterday. Its getting used to my PC as well as I to it.
My HDD runs fine too. But it has this small crunching noise that I hate about HDDs. Oh what to do, its my HDD, better get used to it.

The Vista experience index was 3.0 at first install. But I downloaded the Service Pack and Installed it. Now it became 3.3 :D

Well..Hope this OS sticks with me.

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Storage at 540 GB....Heart Rate at 150 bps

This is one of the most eventful days of my computing career.
One is because I bought the biggest disk that was available in the (Sri Lankan) market, the 500 GB Samsung HD501LJ. With 7200 rpm, this baby twists and turns like nothing...

I got the disk and a new battery for the dead UPS.

The events dont end there. I just recovered from a situation that was the worst of my life.!!!
After I installed the disk, I partitioned it in to 4 volumes...
The primary being 50 GB and the others 150 G each. Well the last partition has 123 GB because of this 1000 and 1024 thing.

So I didn't put any files yet. And Stupid me got the idea of installing ubuntu on the new disk. Up went my brain's processing systems and started installing it.
I made a crucial mistake at the installation. The primary disk was the booting disk, I installed the grub in the second disk. GRUB didn't even show up at startup, windows started booting :S

So I decided to pull the power cable out of the ATA disk and then ran the system with the new SATA. Now grub loaded; frak!!! (Pardon me Anusha for burrowing the word but its the most appropriate) only to show that there are no valid paths under the OS names. The names were there, but since the main disk was not present, they did not boot.

So i decided to revert back to normal and entered the WinXP DVD and started the recovery..
fixboot was the first attempt: No change, No OS detected
then fixmbr: the mbr went dead this time now the disks are gone for good.
Lucky for me the 40GB disk remained intact with it's MBRs, but I didn't know that yet!!!

So I removed the power from the ATA again and tried to install windows on the new disk. Now this could be possible right? new disk, new OS!! :S to my utmost suprise, it was NOT :S :S

It gives an error before starting setup. So I went back to Ubuntu, selected install ubuntu again OH MY GOODNESS.....the keyboard lights started blinking and the error said CRC error cannot write to block!!!!

I was almost dead.!!!

So I went from computer to electronics. Thought for a few miniutes and went for the ultimate test. The OS is selcted when there is one disk right ?! So what I need to do is keep the SATA inactive till the bootup happens.....

So I waited with the SATA cable removed, and ready for BIOS to select the OS...and wham!!! I plugged in the SATA cable....

I know for a fact that windows looks for drives at OS there was a faint hope that the disk would be usable. But I did not think it would...

Luckily it did. The disk was shown on windows, two of it's partitions formatted with ext2 and swap.....

I deleted all the partitions and re-configured them and restarted with my fingers crossed.


Off to dinner!!!....I deserve it.!!

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Pancakes!!! better still...fried...!!!

 We made some new and improved pancakes today. Its a recipe that Nadeera picked up from the TV.
Made the pancakes and we filled it up with boiled egg and sausages. Man its was hard to close the pancake after stuffing it up.
And we dunked it in egg and then in biscuit dust (or whatever its called, the stuff they make rolls with)

Well, a few did end up open in the frying pan but most were ok.

Here's how it looked like. :D

Hope they had a little more salt.!

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A week to go on 40...

I'm planning to go for it. Its cool, its big, its fast and its Samsung!
No its not a refrigirator. I'm Talking about a Hard Drive. The Samsung HD501LJ 500GB Hard Drive.
The Disk is not only huge in capacity its also very fast. The 7200rpm drive gives 3GB/s speeds on the SATA interface.

This is also an important unit in my computer since the storage capacity was the only thing that separated me and Vistax64. Yes, another x64 OS. I've had a pretty bad experience with the XP x64 OS. But I really Hope that this time it will pay off.

Well, I'll have to buy the thing first. Hope the stocks don't run out till I buy it. :D

I cant wail to execute the first phase of my three tier plan. Want to know the other steps? Well, for that you'd have to wait, like what I'm doing right now. :D

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CCNA classes

Well, its been a long time since i wrote to the blog. Today is my first day at the ccna class. It was just the basics today. But it was interesting. Met a couple of new friends too. Great to do some learning after leaving the uni. I thought that my brain would rot after uni. But it turns out that there are a lot of stuff to learn out there. I have the bit exam in two weeks. Its going to be hell breaking out soon.

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Birthday and Batch Get-Together

Well, I wasn't able to post the photos at ma birthday and I just got time. It wasn't a big party and all that but we decided to give a dinner to the nearby folk. Lahiru, Punchi amma, Nadeera's family etc. Chamidu and Podinenda came from Ratmalana. I had to have them since Podi nanda was the expert of ordering food. So we got food from Dehiwala. Yes Dehiwala, I didn't expect to go that far for food, but they wanted it and we had the car so what...LoL...

It was a huge pot (yes it was technically a POT) that could be turned over on a dish...

So we took the dinner and some photos. :D I got some presents too, Most of them were shirts.

Nadeera gave me a great one, an alarm clock. Now that was a suprise..I knew it was an alarm clock since I was there when she took it home and I peeked into the cover of the box..but WOW..I didn't know it was like this...

And here is a pic of me with my mother and father.

Podi Nanda wanted to give me something big for the birthday and she waited till she had the right item...and the teddy that Madhawa aiya gave me just got a playmate. Trust me, this new teddy is darn heavy...
The new one is on the left..

And the day after, me and Nadeera went to the batch party that was at Wadduwa Holiday resort..
It was a fun day. We had a pool and the beach nearby and we had some really great time..

Anusha picked us up at Piliyandala and we rode to the hotel. No wonder we were the first to arrive there. The MAX speed of anusha's driving got to 145 km/h, and thats the highest he has ever drove and I have ever been. (Except for the ride in an aeroplane when I was small)
Since he always complain about nobody to record it..well I did. But I missed the high speed. Here's one at about 100 and 90..:D

We had some serious fun there. Here are some pics of it..

Here's me and Nadeera sitting on a tree near the beach...

And we had fun at the shore too....

This is at the pool

And we sang some songs too...

Go to Anusha's blog for the vids. He did the recording most of the time

We had to hurry the get-together up since Printa (Kasun) was leaving the country for higher studies in Canada. Hope he does well there and invents some spooky thing. :D

I really hope that we'd have time to meet again in the future...

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Its my birthday...well its actually not today now, since its past midnight.

I got some presents and we gave a small dinner to Chamidu and Lahiru plus their parents and Nadeera and her parents.

I feel a bit sleepy now and I'm still busy stealing chamidu's Movies. :D I'm burning them to DVDs so have to hurry since tomorrow is our batch party.

Will post the pics later.

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Chamidu relaxing at beauty centre

We are now in a beauty salon. Came for Nadeera's stuff. Chamidu tagged along to make company. This is how he relaxed there.

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