Work At DBN

We came to DBN yesterday and settled down there. There wasn't much work at first. But we now have some work. Since Sanka and I are in different departments, we have different work.

The last day at the induction training as I said was a fire drill. I put out a fire using an extinguisher for the first time in my life. It was fun and educating.

As for me, I went to the old place that we did the training; to the Access towers with Gayan Aiya to do some tests. Well, as always, its was darn cold. The central AC controller makes us feel like its a freezer.

Got hold of a test SIM and a phone today and gave Anusha a vid call. LoL. He was confused....

I still dont have a PC or a service phone. So there is little work. We still have to get the e-mail and the ID's are also on their way

Well, tomorrow, I can sleep till 10. Its Saturday and we don't have work on weekends. :D

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