Weekends = Fun

Now that I go for work, I dont have much time to have fun.
So weekends are fun these days.

I bought the pool laptop of the office home to check the WiFi of the Router Podi Mama bought me. It works fine. Good thing I have that router. I can do all sorts of stuff about it. LoL. I'll try to do some SNMP stuff with it some time. But could not do it still.

On this saturday, I went to pick up Nadeera from the Hostel. Her TTI examinations are over and she is here for the last training before she goes for a job. So No more TTI for her. (And no more sad days for me ;) )

So today (Sunday) we went for some shopping. Bought a shirt. Yes, you read right!! Shirt!!! I miss those T-Shirt times and I still hate shirts. :P

In the evening we went to Mad's place. And she took the liberty of spraying Me and Nadeera over with Party snow. Heck! she had a spare bottle from somewhere and I was stupid enough to ask "Shall I spray this?". :P

I'll get the photos from Mad If I can. She'll get a return for this for sure. :P

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