Today is a Poya Holiday and I was at home resting a bit. Yesterday I had a training and had a very tiring day. The AC at the WTC almost killed me from hypothermia.

When I was at Nadeera's place we heard a perahara was going in the nearby street and we went to watch. It was organised from the temple, the Sunday school and the Montessori that is in the temple. Great to see the little boys and girls in the perahara.

So I took some photos of it.

This is a Vid that I took

In the evening me and Nadeera went to her Grandparent's place by bicycle.

Here's me and Nadeera Pulling the Bike. There are some places that we cant push the bicycle, so we get down and walk.

here's granny. :)
Since Podi Mama wanted some photos of granny Nadeera Took some. (Hey, if you're reading, remind me to give them to ya!)

We came back home at about 6pm and went to the temple in the night.

Eventful day. But it was relaxing to be at home in the middle of the week.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    That's nice... A break after work... And what a way to have that, even with a nice perahera...