First Salary

Got the first salary...

Well, I had to buy stuff for ma parents and relatives.

So went shopping today. From 10 am to 5 pm

phew....14k rupees worth of clothes. Now thats a first.

The party will be next

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Blocked the admin account of a live server!!! Oops...

Well I didn't do it intentionally. I typed the wrong password about a dozed times and the account was blocked.

Good thing Gayan Aiya could do something about it. :D

I'm still new to these systems at office. So I really like accounts given to me at the lowest possible hierarchy. 

Hope I dont screw up more servers :S

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Today is a Poya Holiday and I was at home resting a bit. Yesterday I had a training and had a very tiring day. The AC at the WTC almost killed me from hypothermia.

When I was at Nadeera's place we heard a perahara was going in the nearby street and we went to watch. It was organised from the temple, the Sunday school and the Montessori that is in the temple. Great to see the little boys and girls in the perahara.

So I took some photos of it.

This is a Vid that I took

In the evening me and Nadeera went to her Grandparent's place by bicycle.

Here's me and Nadeera Pulling the Bike. There are some places that we cant push the bicycle, so we get down and walk.

here's granny. :)
Since Podi Mama wanted some photos of granny Nadeera Took some. (Hey, if you're reading, remind me to give them to ya!)

We came back home at about 6pm and went to the temple in the night.

Eventful day. But it was relaxing to be at home in the middle of the week.

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Weekends = Fun

Now that I go for work, I dont have much time to have fun.
So weekends are fun these days.

I bought the pool laptop of the office home to check the WiFi of the Router Podi Mama bought me. It works fine. Good thing I have that router. I can do all sorts of stuff about it. LoL. I'll try to do some SNMP stuff with it some time. But could not do it still.

On this saturday, I went to pick up Nadeera from the Hostel. Her TTI examinations are over and she is here for the last training before she goes for a job. So No more TTI for her. (And no more sad days for me ;) )

So today (Sunday) we went for some shopping. Bought a shirt. Yes, you read right!! Shirt!!! I miss those T-Shirt times and I still hate shirts. :P

In the evening we went to Mad's place. And she took the liberty of spraying Me and Nadeera over with Party snow. Heck! she had a spare bottle from somewhere and I was stupid enough to ask "Shall I spray this?". :P

I'll get the photos from Mad If I can. She'll get a return for this for sure. :P

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Work Continues

Well, there is nothing to write these days. I got some work with at the office. Some router configs and testing. The reason for less work is that I still don't have a PC and even no e-mail and the company ID.
Without the ID I cant go anywhere. So I'll stay like this till those stuff come. Even the staff phone is not yet given to us. :P Our HR will have to grow up someday, otherwise we'd end up with less and less productivity :P

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Work At DBN

We came to DBN yesterday and settled down there. There wasn't much work at first. But we now have some work. Since Sanka and I are in different departments, we have different work.

The last day at the induction training as I said was a fire drill. I put out a fire using an extinguisher for the first time in my life. It was fun and educating.

As for me, I went to the old place that we did the training; to the Access towers with Gayan Aiya to do some tests. Well, as always, its was darn cold. The central AC controller makes us feel like its a freezer.

Got hold of a test SIM and a phone today and gave Anusha a vid call. LoL. He was confused....

I still dont have a PC or a service phone. So there is little work. We still have to get the e-mail and the ID's are also on their way

Well, tomorrow, I can sleep till 10. Its Saturday and we don't have work on weekends. :D

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First day at work...

Well its not the office. But anyway its the first day at work...
We were greeted by the HR and there were some sessions on what the company goals and the vision mission statements are.
There were also some paperwork involved too.

This program will last for 3 days and it will end with a fire drill..goodie.

The best thing about this is that we get lunch and snacks. :D

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