Wrapping up...

We started wrapping up our things at the uni on Friday, since we wont be coming back after the next week. Damitha wont be back from Monday. But since I haven't got the letter from the HR at DBN I can stay home as well. But I also cleaned up my stuff at the hostel. All I have to do now is go on Monday and give the transceiver modules to the Dialog lab and clean up the lockers.

Devinda will be there and I can do it with him.

So sad the uni life ended so fast. It was projects yesterday and viva today and you have to end it tommorrow kind of thing that happened.

But we'll be meeting up for another party in the next week. :D

When Damitha and me cleaned up the hostel, we put a little trap for devinda. When he opens up that door he wont have a clue.

Look at the thing LOL.

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