Rice balls and us...

Well, we decided to go to Nadeera's grandparents' place since grandma had to go to the hospital for her regular checkup. Nadeera and i decided to cook the lunch and we did it in about an hour and a half.
So after nad's mother and grandmother came, we decided to make the age old delicacy the famous rice balls. I remember back then when my grandmother used to make me those.
To make it, you dry rice in the sun and dry them for some time and grind it.
Well you cant do all that in one day. The dried rice was there.
So i took up the job of grinding it after nad's mom fried it. And Nadeera joined in to mix it.
We did a great job there. Made the balls for the others and we decided to mix some bananas in to the mix and eat it without making balls.
After we were so fed up we were forced to have a nap. Those stuff were really heavy.
Today we have a home coming treat. So i'll post all about it later. And the photos of the rice balls.

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