Leaving behind the memories of a lifetime...

As we are nearing the end of the university life, there are so many things to look back to. When we turn back and think, it suddenly comes to you that what a great time it was.
Me and Devinda had to clean up the stuff and make things arranged for our departure. We still have to submit the project report and make the CD. So we went to the uni today, gave the tranceiver modules to the Dialog Lab and cleaned up the Hostel and gave the keys to the warden.

So we took some pictures, actually these are the last pictures that we take in the hostel. Apparently, Devinda fell for the trap me and Damitha set up earlier. You will see that in he last post. What an occasion.

Here are the pictures that we took at the hostel

Its Devinda, packing and packing...


Thats me on my bed. Well, you could call that a bunker if you want, but thats the best place to be in that room when Damitha turns the Fan on. He not only keeps it on for the night, sometimes he turns it to speed 4 or 5, thats when Devinda and me Start protesting and turn it down. Since Damitha is too lazy to come down from his bed, it stays the way we put it in the middle of the night. LoL

So here we are, after all the packing was done, we decided to take a photo that has both of us in it. (Here comes the solution to my problem, now I am also in the photos)

Thanks to the electronic circuitary box that we leaned the camera on, it stayed that way till the photo was taken. (Add my sense of photography to that, I placed it so that the lens would see the correct angle, I could not see the display of the phone)

So here we are, at the door. Once again, good thing I have practice in this type of photos.

So we gave the keys and left the hostel. We might never go there again....

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