I went to the POLICE Station....

Well, I didn't do anything rash. I just went there to get a police report. The Dialog HR guys said they need it.

Man..these Police reports are hard to get. First you have to go to the "Graama Niladhari" (Village's representative sort of person for the govt.) And then, you have to go to the Regional Secretariat to get the thing signed (Thats in Homagama 2 buses to reach there and about a kilometer on foot) and after that only; you get to go to the police to get the thing (The Police station is in Kahatuduwa, nowhere near the Regional Office, another 2 buses). Otherwise, they'll say no. :P

Had to write a letter to the IOC too (I wonder what an OIC means.) I just wrote the Station head and thats all. Goodie that I had to write it in Sinhalese, otherwise I'd have to find what an OIC is. Imagine asking the Police gal who told me to write the letter; "mam, Can I know what an OIC is" lol.

Anyway, I'd have to go back there on the 25th to get the report. They have to run all sorts of checks on me I think. Bah...Sri Lankan Police...I know the stuff they'd do. They'd check their records to find ma name. :P Not that I have done any criminal stuff, but thats one inefficient way to find a person's details.

The good thing was it lasted only about 2~3 hours. I was lucky. Government offices don't just work that fast. LoL

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