Got to go tommorrow

Well, its the big day tomorrow. The first day at work. LoL.
We have an induction program tomorrow. Hope they give out some good food too. ;)
Well, lets see...Photos will be there tomorrow.

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I went to the POLICE Station....

Well, I didn't do anything rash. I just went there to get a police report. The Dialog HR guys said they need it.

Man..these Police reports are hard to get. First you have to go to the "Graama Niladhari" (Village's representative sort of person for the govt.) And then, you have to go to the Regional Secretariat to get the thing signed (Thats in Homagama 2 buses to reach there and about a kilometer on foot) and after that only; you get to go to the police to get the thing (The Police station is in Kahatuduwa, nowhere near the Regional Office, another 2 buses). Otherwise, they'll say no. :P

Had to write a letter to the IOC too (I wonder what an OIC means.) I just wrote the Station head and thats all. Goodie that I had to write it in Sinhalese, otherwise I'd have to find what an OIC is. Imagine asking the Police gal who told me to write the letter; "mam, Can I know what an OIC is" lol.

Anyway, I'd have to go back there on the 25th to get the report. They have to run all sorts of checks on me I think. Bah...Sri Lankan Police...I know the stuff they'd do. They'd check their records to find ma name. :P Not that I have done any criminal stuff, but thats one inefficient way to find a person's details.

The good thing was it lasted only about 2~3 hours. I was lucky. Government offices don't just work that fast. LoL

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After a long time....
There was nothing to report these days. So Devinda and me Went to Uni today to get the Transcript work done.
And while doing that, we got calls from Dialog confirming our jobs. So it was a fun day. Some of our old friends were also there to get the transcript work done.

So we'll be startin the job from 1st of July. happy happy.

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Cheap Chinese Crap...shows crappiness once again..

I hate that country. Why cant they make some decent electronics? All that labor and low costs.

I tried to over-clock my PC again. Still this crappy Foxconn 45cm-s doesn't get me over 8x220. I'm stuck there. I cant stay there since the RAM is too slow when I put the clock to 533MHz. It goes up to about 600MHz after the overclock. Damn. I just hope I find a way to do this.

No wonder china got that much of casualties from the earthquake. Their buildings and masonary must also be this crappy.!!!!!!

Hope a Chinese reads this!!!!

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Home coming party....and a BIG speaker

Well, first things first,
here are the rice ball photos I promised. SInce I was at my father's office and blogged on the mobile I couldn't put the photos right from there.

From the office we went to Maligawatte and got dressed and went to Ja-Ela where the homecoming was. It was a small place with a small garden and whoa....a HUGE set of speakers for the music. A DJ was there and he played crap. Most of them were downloaded songs from (Wait till lich hears about this)

We simply could not stand the noise. But we had to. After dinner, I took a snap of the things. Here they are. Not that big, but its enough to torture our eardrums.

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Rice balls and us...

Well, we decided to go to Nadeera's grandparents' place since grandma had to go to the hospital for her regular checkup. Nadeera and i decided to cook the lunch and we did it in about an hour and a half.
So after nad's mother and grandmother came, we decided to make the age old delicacy the famous rice balls. I remember back then when my grandmother used to make me those.
To make it, you dry rice in the sun and dry them for some time and grind it.
Well you cant do all that in one day. The dried rice was there.
So i took up the job of grinding it after nad's mom fried it. And Nadeera joined in to mix it.
We did a great job there. Made the balls for the others and we decided to mix some bananas in to the mix and eat it without making balls.
After we were so fed up we were forced to have a nap. Those stuff were really heavy.
Today we have a home coming treat. So i'll post all about it later. And the photos of the rice balls.

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Project Results

Just received the results for the project. We have got an A+.
Hope that hard work payed at last.
w00t! w00t!!

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Wedding at Panadura

Well, I was off to Horana to go to Kasun's sister's wedding. I've known Kasun from school and we've been in touch even way after school at trips and stuff.
So I was invited to Dilrikshi akka's wedding, and yes I've known her for a long time too.

I went at about 1p.m from home, went to Piliyandala and then from there to Horana. I could've taken a shorter path but the bag I was carrying had all the stuff I needed for the wedding and it was darn heavy. So I went to Piliyandala because of that.

From Horana, I took a bus to Dikhena Junction (Hell, it was so long since I visited there I forgot the name of that juction when I was at Horana) and got down from there. The moment I crossed the road and started walking to Dikhenapura, I saw Kasun's Van Coming and in it was his father, mother and some people in the back. So they told me there was hardly anyone home and I knew Kasun was off to Colombo to bring some stuff. So I got on to the ride.

We dropped aunty at some shops and Hasanthi (Yeah yeah, I know you don't know her, that's Kasun's girlfriend)  and crowd in the Hair Dresser's. So Akka me and Uncle went to look for other matters at hand. We went to see the hall that was arranged for the wedding and did some stuff there. I made a huge mistake by calculating the North there. We had to face the Poruwa to the North for the ceremonies (thats according to the Nakath) and I found it using my mobi's compass. Damn, I've calibrated it wrong and Later Kasun corrected it, phew.

So after that we came to Piliyandala to meet up with Kasun. Wait right there, YES. PILIYANDALA. Just the damn place that I started the journey. If I knew they were going to come there, I'd have come at that time. :P So unlucky me.

Did some shopping with Akka there. Nadeera's Shopping training worked out there. We were looking for earrings that matched a ring the akka had with her. Sought the matter there and then Kasun came with another relative in a bike. So Loaded the stuff he brought to the Van and we all were in the Van.

So we went to Horana at last. Made some stops on the way. And I got my Mobile out again and used the notes to remind akka about the stuff that needed doing. I am the one that usually needs reminding, but here, people were so busy, they needed someone to tell them "we still haven't got this" from time to time.

So in the next day, that was the wedding day, I got the stuff to decorate the car that akka was supposed to go and I did a good job there. (Hope I did).

This is my job. Look at the thing. lol

That is where we heard about the bomb blasts. I got a kazzillion calls asking where I was. Since the bomb was near the uni, everyone was scared to hell that I was there.
So we went to the hall from home, Dhanushka joined us at the last moment.

At the hall, we did the ceremonial stuff and waited for our friends to arrive.

The groom was escorted by traditional dancers..So was the bride, lol I missed that shot. You know me, clumsy photography when it comes to tight timing.

The Poruwa Ceremony going on...

Wow, now that was a great reunion. Ravi, Manjula and Kosala came.

From Left: Dhanushka, Manjula, Kosala, Ravi, Kasun and Me

This is the cake that akka gave. Wow. That looks like the basked that the little red riding hood carries. Only

So all good occasions come to an end...this is akka going away in the car. LOL. Since she was supposed to stay in the same hotel, she came back after a few moments. But thats after most of the guests left.

So we had a great time. Waited till about 5p.m and Kosala, me and Dhanushka were off to home. Kosala came with me till Dehiwala and I went home in yet another circular route since the curfew that was imposed because of the bombing made 255 buses to stop.

What a great day it was, but the bad news is that one of our batchmated died from the blast near Uni. So the LTTE idiots spoiled some fun at the end.

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WTF! The retarded killers are here again

Will post about the wedding later.
Till then, read this....

Dont support terrorism, thats the best you can do about it. A final year graduate student died from this blast near our university. The heartless terrorists have targeted a bus filled with innocent people.
Guess they don't have the balls to face our brave forces. So much for liberation that they talk about..liberating their asses, thats what they're doing now.

For those who don't have a clue about the LTTE, its a group of people that think they can liberate the tamils by putting child soldiers to the battlefront and killing innocent people and plus, sending the leaders' sons abroad for study.

May our batchmate attain Nibbana. We will remember you always....

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Really bad Ogame day

I saw a juicy hit and tried to get it. But he removed the fleet and even stole the debris. So huge loss, and I'm hungry too.
This is a real bad ogame day

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Looks like x64 is not for me

Installed the x64 again as final. But when I tried to install NOD, it said that AMON could not run. Oops, the first sign of disappointment. So downloaded and installed AVG 8. I hate AVG, its just a big UI. Nothing there. So I went on installing the stuff. I had some x64 setups downloaded for locate as well as cfosspeed. So when I went on to install the phone's drivers, it said no. That was the turning point for me.
Went back and installed the 32 bit version.
No going back to the x64 again. (until I get the proper software at least)

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The report has been submitted...all things done

We submitted the report today. So everything regarding the project is now done. Time to backup all the data and install that x64 I tested.
Time for a new beginning and a new OS.

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Leaving behind the memories of a lifetime...

As we are nearing the end of the university life, there are so many things to look back to. When we turn back and think, it suddenly comes to you that what a great time it was.
Me and Devinda had to clean up the stuff and make things arranged for our departure. We still have to submit the project report and make the CD. So we went to the uni today, gave the tranceiver modules to the Dialog Lab and cleaned up the Hostel and gave the keys to the warden.

So we took some pictures, actually these are the last pictures that we take in the hostel. Apparently, Devinda fell for the trap me and Damitha set up earlier. You will see that in he last post. What an occasion.

Here are the pictures that we took at the hostel

Its Devinda, packing and packing...


Thats me on my bed. Well, you could call that a bunker if you want, but thats the best place to be in that room when Damitha turns the Fan on. He not only keeps it on for the night, sometimes he turns it to speed 4 or 5, thats when Devinda and me Start protesting and turn it down. Since Damitha is too lazy to come down from his bed, it stays the way we put it in the middle of the night. LoL

So here we are, after all the packing was done, we decided to take a photo that has both of us in it. (Here comes the solution to my problem, now I am also in the photos)

Thanks to the electronic circuitary box that we leaned the camera on, it stayed that way till the photo was taken. (Add my sense of photography to that, I placed it so that the lens would see the correct angle, I could not see the display of the phone)

So here we are, at the door. Once again, good thing I have practice in this type of photos.

So we gave the keys and left the hostel. We might never go there again....

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Wrapping up...

We started wrapping up our things at the uni on Friday, since we wont be coming back after the next week. Damitha wont be back from Monday. But since I haven't got the letter from the HR at DBN I can stay home as well. But I also cleaned up my stuff at the hostel. All I have to do now is go on Monday and give the transceiver modules to the Dialog lab and clean up the lockers.

Devinda will be there and I can do it with him.

So sad the uni life ended so fast. It was projects yesterday and viva today and you have to end it tommorrow kind of thing that happened.

But we'll be meeting up for another party in the next week. :D

When Damitha and me cleaned up the hostel, we put a little trap for devinda. When he opens up that door he wont have a clue.

Look at the thing LOL.

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