Wesak Festival

Well, for you who is not from Sri Lanka or any Buddhist country, Wesak is the day which we celebrate the Birth, Enlightenment and the Passing away of Buddha. All three things happened in the same day, the full moon day of the "Wesak" Month. So Wesak is the Sinhalese name for May. :)

The two days that we celebrate it are national Holidays. (There are two days, Wesak Full Moon Poya day and the Day after Wesak Full moon poya day :D, Dont get confused) Huge Pandols are built and most of the Buddhists make lanterns or make some lighting of many sorts. As for example, at my place there was this bulb-set which lighted in all colours and styles.

The two main attractions for us are the Big Lanterns (Wesak "Koodu" we call them) and the "Dansala", which people give free food and drink for ones that go in the road, mainly people who walk around to watch the lanterns and the decorations. There are many kinds of offerings, for an example, I had the rare chance of going to a Faluda giveaway. Well, there are many around, but this time there weren't many. Me, Nadeera, Madavi and Hasini walked around hoping to find more, but hard luck. Lots of decorations, no Dansalas.

People Observe "Sil" in the wesak day. Its a custom where they go to the temple and then spend the day there, doing religious things. Like listening to Bana (Religious talk given by Monks) and Meditating.
Nadeera and My mom did it, not me. I have this problem of unable to stay in one place for a long time :D

In the day after, we went to see a Big Lantern. It was made by small kids with the help of the temple it was in. My opinion is that it was great. The kids have done a great work. Well, see it yourselves. The thing spins and lights up. And again, my w810i did the best taking the night shot.

And here is a vid of the thing in action.

If you are not from this country, may be you should consider visiting. It not us that say this is paradise, people who go back home just say it, well, come and see that they are absolutely right. Sri Lanka Rocks.

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