Preparing for the Project Demo

I woke up at 9.45 even when I was due at the uni at about 9 am. The alarm rang, but I tucked in for a small nap, and well, It got a little longer. :D. It was the test trial day for the project and I hurried off to the uni.

We did some tests using two cars for the final demo of the project. Anusha's car was as usual the "Train" and we borrowed Tharaka's car to act like a real car. First, we had to make the 100m mark for the crossing to be. So we chose a junction in the campus and then measured 100m using the car's meters and checked whether my system was tallied with the place we chose. After doing some test runs, we adjusted the place that we had to start the car from.

So the plan was to move the train 100m away from the crossing place and test the reception in the car whether it said the correct values. Since Anusha's car was the train, it transmits the distance from its position to the next level crossing. Thats the place we chose as the crossing.

We got Tharaka's car and then gave Anusha the Train unit and then did some tests. Damitha handled the Car unit from Tharaka's car which I drove (Damn these Auto-Transmissions, they don't have the best item in a car, the clutch!!!). He took some photos from there. The first run was unsucessful because for some reason the RabbitCore heated up and the program in it's Flash corrupted. We went back to the lab and reprogrammed it. So in the next run, the timing was perfect. Anusha crossed the juction in the same time that the system marked the crossing.

We managed to do some other stuff too. I sure hope it works in the real demo as well.

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