New year visits

We went to Meegoda where one of my uncles live. After they came to our place my aunt wanted Nadeera to come along when we go there. So we tagged along Nadeera and her cousin brother, Chamidu.
When we went there we saw that some new year games were organised in the same day by some people there, right in front of the house, where a small playground is.

There were many games like "guess the Number of peas inside a papaw" and stuff. There were races however. I jumped in and recorded two of them. The run thru the village for the little ones and an interesting the slowest cycler award, an open game.

This is the race for the kids.

In this race, the cyclists can stay in one place but cant put their feet on the ground. The last person to cross the finish line wins. Pretty tough for me. I cant do it in my bike anyway. :D

Me, Nadeera and the cousins including the two Chamidu's played cricket. No photos of it this time since I had to play hard this time :D

It was a great day, although we lost both the tennis balls that we played cricket with since they went to nearby lands filled with weed. Great company.


This is a photo taken there by me, everone is there again exept me, I have to find something to work this around, every time there is a photo, I have to take it. :P

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