Field testing...

We did a field test today at the Mt. Lavinia Railway station with our equipment.
The main requirement was to check whether there were any RF interference with the train engine to our unit.
Seems that there is no such interference, so we can use both frequencies 866M and 433M for tranceivers.
The test itself was actually hard to do. We first had to get the permission and then at the station, we had to get power to the Spectrum analyzer, and had to have the antenna in a close proximity to the engine.
At last an engine came and stopped near where we were, and that was after three others passed or parked too far.

Took some clips with my mobile as proof.
Here is one with an approaching train, the spectrum tells whether there are any interference. No spikes, no interference. The small ones at the bottom is typical noise.

Here is the typical style of our data signal. Note the difference here.

Here's damitha holding the transmitter near the engine while I test the reception. What he didn't know was that a train was due on the very track he was standing, in about 5 minutes.

We were also able to do a unit test there, and guess what, no probs. There were no data loss. We can proceed with the project with no worries.

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