Another Receiver Yipee...!!!

As one by one, our transceiver modules began to stop receiving, we were really worried that we would be left out with no receivers at all. But today, by accident, Devinda and I got to know that one of the damned ones was not damned at all. It was receiving data like a charm.

I got some credit for it, since it was in MY unit for a long time, so told Damitha, its because the module had a good friend to work with. LoL.
Well, now we have enough receivers, we can demo it well. We'll be holding a test demo session tomorrow. There is another event at Uni the same time. Wonder whether we'll be able to do any work with that going on.

At last, the projects are coming to an end. The report is almost over, and the stress begins to releive little by little. May be, just may be, I'd be able to go back into Ogame. I was in vacation mode for nearly two weeks.

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