Holidays and playtime

This was about a week ago. Just got the photos out of ma mobile.

Me and ma cousins got some time to play at my aunt's house at Piliyandala. It was no huge match, but we made good cricket. Made our own bat and the wicket out of coconut branches.

Lahiru is wearing the green T and chamidu is the one that stands on the white cement tiles. He's doing his magic balling spell in the match. LoL


Most of the time it was looking out for the lost ball. No keepers, so it goes all the way to the backyard. Good thing the house had something like this area for us to play.

The dog (You could see it's shed near the yellow door) tried to eat the ball several times but Lahiru managed to trick it not to.


Funny I'm not in the pics. Thats coz I took them :D

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